• Logitech Dumping GoogleTV – $100 Million Lost?

    Logitech Dumping GoogleTV – $100 Million Lost?

    Most days we get to bring you great news in technology, but some days we just have to share bad news too. Apparently, Logitech is discontinuing their GoogleTV product. Guerrino De Luca, The CEO of the company, didn’t mince words when describing why. He called the 2010 launch of the Revue, “a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature.” He also indicated that “operational miscues” cost his company $100 Million, and indicated that the failure was due to a “a full scale launch with a beta product.” He further added, “To make the long story short, we thought we had invented [sliced] bread and we just made them. [We made a commitment to] just build a lot because we expected everybody to line up for Christmas and buy these boxes [at] $300 [...] that was a big mistake.” Here’s a quote from the AndroidPolice article with a final summation,

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  • GTV Product Manager Q&A – Talks Logitech Revue, GoogleTV & More

    GTV Product Manager Q&A – Talks Logitech Revue, GoogleTV & More

    Google TV Product Manager, Jurek Foryciarz, recently held a Q&A session in a Google+ Hangout. In it he talked about a number of different things, including the future support of the Logitech Revue, new plans for GoogleTV, Chrome and more. We’ve included a few tidbits from the transcript, but you can also see the video of the whole talk above although the video didn’t allow embedding so you will have to follow the link to YouTube to watch it there. Transcript quote,

    When will the Logitech Revue get the Google TV 2.0 Honeycomb update?

    Within “the next couple of weeks”.

    Will the Google TV 2.0 Honeycomb update fix the Dolby Digital problem on the Logitech Revue?

    He expects it to, yes.

    Since Logitech discontinued the Revue, what does this mean for future software updates to the device?

    They will be providing further updates to the Revue- also don’t expect this to be the end of the story with Logitech

    Will Chrome be updated more often?

    Expect it to be updated within the next couple of months, bringing performance improvements among other things. Also, now that Google TV has access to the Android market, they will be able to do more updates, not only to Chrome, but all other pieces of software that are provided by the Google TV Team.

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  • Google Music App released for Google TV

    Google Music App released for Google TV

    Google Music TV App Preview

    Google held to their promise and delivered the new cloud-based, Google Music App for users of the Google TV. You can get it from the Android Market and begin checking it out. It works exactly like the the Google Music on phones and tablets. It allows you to listen to all music stored in your Google Music collection. It can even play the music from your library in the background, while you enjoy other apps or shows on your Google TV, surf the web, and even more. To sign up for the service, you need to have either the Sony Internet TV or the Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray, then head over to music.google.com to sign up for it.





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